Thursday, June 30, 2016

Younger Crossdressing and Sissies No. 5 Suck Cock!

                         Here is video number five in my series on younger CDs and
                         sissies.  The reason I'm posting these is because a lot of us
                         started trying on girl's clothes it seems at mostly around 10
                         to 14 years old.  I have heard of stories of boys starting a lot
                         younger and also grown men have started at various ages for
                         different reasons.  But, most of the stories I have heard
                         involve a boy sneaking into his mother's or sister's room and
                         feeling the lingerie, and before you know it they are trying
                         it own.  In my case, I started noticing how girls dressed at about
                         eight or nine when I first had a kind of "sexual" feeling for a
                         girl.  I just thought they were pretty before, but suddenly I was
                         noticing what they were wearing as much as what they looked
                         like.  I can remember being with at boy 2 or 3 years older than
                         me when I was nine or ten years old.  We were at this baseball
                         field, and it backed up to a play ground separated by a bunch of
                         trees and bushes.  He was "in love" with this one girl, who
                         happened to be playing over at the play ground and kept saying
                         he wanted to hide in the bushes so he could spy on her and
                         look at her.  Well, I finally gave in a we went over and laid down
                         under some bushes so we could see her.  He started talking about
                        how cute she was and she had blonde hair and had it in a pony tail
                        and he liked that. But, then he said something that really got my
                        attention. He said, " just look at those tight red girl's shorts and her
                        white blouse she has on'.  And he said, "I think she is wearing a bra
                        cause you could kinda see the outline of something under her kinda
                        thin material  her blouse was made of.  Well, that really got my
                        attention and I started really looking.   I liked the red and white colors
                        and the way her clothes fit her. Suddenly, I had a strange tingle
                        in my pants and my cock was getting hard as I looked at her little
                        outfit.  A wave of new feelings kinda washed over me, and I wondered
                        to myself what it would be like to wear her clothes.  That was the
                        moment in time where I changed from being comfortable in boys
                        to wanting to know how it would feel to be in girls clothes.  I had
                        this kind of girlly feeling and I liked it. Well, three days pasted by,
                       and I was finally home alone.  I just crept into my sisters room and
                       went to where she kept her bras and panties.  I opened the draw and
                       pulled out a bra and pair of panties.  And, before you know it I was
                       stripping off my boy clothes and slipped on the bra and panties.  A
                       of girlly pleasure engulfed me.  It was at that moment I fell in love with
                       new girly feeling and my cock was harder than ever before.
                       That experience changed me forever and now I'm a complete
                       crossdressing sissy fag.  Suck Cock!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sissy Trainer Video, "I Am A Cock Sucking Faggot"...Suck Cock!

                       Here is a great sissy trainer video about my favorite subject.
                       The video is a series of great cock sucking and cum shooting
                       scenes. It has a woman through out who cuts in and tells you
                       things.  She starts by asking if you have ever thought about
                       sucking a cock. She ask does it make your clitty tingle just
                       thinking about it. And of course it does!  Then she starts telling
                       you suck cock. Next she says your a Faggott.. Then she puts
                       it all together and tells you to say, "I'm a cock sucking Faggott".
                       She then repeats it over and over.  She tells you cum taste good,
                       and you like hard dick up your ass.  I am a cock sucking faggott
                       and I love cum on my face and in my mouth and I love to have
                       my ass pussy fucked by a hard cock. I like for him to pull out
                       every now and then and let me suck the ass pussy juice off, then
                       ram it back in.  I like to ride a cock on top, bouncing up and
                       down on the cock, and my clitty is flopping freely up and down
                       as I pump up and down on that hard cock.  I like it when he
                       slams his cock up and down as I ride the cock. It really pounds
                       my ass pussy and feels so good. I like a long cock to fuck me so
                       it really goes up in my pussy really far pressing on my girly
                       prostate and making my clit want to have a "sissygasm". Or, cum
                       without actually touching it.  When I'm pounded just right and it
                       hits me way up there I can shoot cum hands free.  I love it when
                       I'm bouncing up and down on the cock, and my clitty is flopping
                       up and down.  Cum will shoot out all over the place as my clit
                       flops around. I love him to just keep fucking me, and I use my
                       fingers to start wiping the cum up and I lick it off my fingers.
                       I really like two things for him to do, either one or the other. The
                       first is for him to cum in my ass pussy shooting his hot load.  I
                       can feel the heat and fill the jets of cum. After, he is done and
                       pulls out, I turn and quickly suck that cock in my mouth and taste
                       cum and ass juice.  I suck hard to get the last drop of cum out. Then
                       I squat and squeeze my ass pussy and leak the cum out. I of course
                       quickly lick it up.  If I'm in a three way with another sissy or a woman,
                       I let them suck the cum out  of my ass pussy and cum kiss me
                       and swap the cum back and forth. It's so fucking nasty and I love it.
                       The second way, is for him to pull out of my ass pussy right before he
                       cums and shoots it all over my face.  I quickly suck his cock clean and
                       swallow the cum.  I sometimes leave the cum on my face and wear it
                       proudly like a cum slut.  I can say with pride...I'm a cock sucking
                       faggot!  I'm a cock sucking faggott!  I love it.  Suck Cock!

Pretty Sissy Clitty and Rules For A Sissy...Suck Cock!

Girly Sissy Faggotts.. Suck Cock!

Sissy Wear and Of Course Bras and Tits Suck Cock!

My Favorite Cocks and Cum...Suck Cock!

Younger Crossdressers and Sissies No.4

                      The forth video in the series has a young red headed CD again on
                      a web cam.  She very cute hair and face.  She starts by licking
                      her dildo, and then slides it in her ass pussy.  She will pull it
                      out several times and suck the ass juice off of it. MMMM so nasty.
                      She then starts fucking her ass pussy, and jacking her clitty.
                      Then she shoots a load of cum, pulls out the dildo and sucks it
                      one last time, and leans forward and licks some cum off her
                      fingers and arm. Then she lays back all satisfied.  Suck Cock!

Younger Crossdressers and Sissies No.3

                         This third video is a girly CD, wearing the cutest pair of blue
                         checked girls high waisted shorts.  "She" starts by showing
                         us how cutie her butt is in them.  Then she starts dancing
                         around.  It's very sissy and faggy.  Suck Cock!

Younger Crossdressers and Sissies No.2

                             This second vid is just of a web cam of a pretty CD in a
                             school girl type outfit.  She is so cute with her hair and glasses
                             and rainbow stockings.  She lays back on the bed a starts
                             jacking her clitty cocky.  It's so pretty to see her jacking it
                             and you see the pink in her ass pussy.  Then she cums, and
                             holds it in her hand, and the last thing she does is taste it.
                             Fuck Yea! Suck Cock!

Younger Crossdressers and Sissies No. 1

                           This going to be a series of short vids about younger CDs.
                           It starts with this first one with a young blonde Cd gurl in
                           cutie pie pink skirt.  She starts by talking about having cum
                           on her face and a big cock headed toward her ass pussy. She
                           says, make me a slut, fuck me. Then she gets a hard fucking
                           with the last scene her talking cum in her mouth again. She
                           is so darling with her long blonde hair and her pretty clitty
                           cocky.  Its wonderfully sissy.  Suck Cock!

A Sissy Is Born...

Be A Homo Queer Cock Sucking Faggott

Be A Faggott Suck Cock

Sissies Love Cocks and Cum

Be The Sissy Girl