Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sissies Cum On A Sissyfag Video

                          In this video, three sissyfags with big clits are in a three way hot sex
                          scene.  Sissyfag whore number 1 is lying on her back while whore 2
                          and 3 are jacking their sissy clits off over her face.  They are all in
                          lingerie and look slutty.  Sissyfag 1 looks like she can't wait for the
                          cum Sissyfag 2 cums on her face and in her mouth while number 3
                          keeps jacking.  Then whore 2 drops down and starts lickin up her
                          cum and kissing whore 1.  She rubs the cum on the face aswhore 3
                          cums on her face Both, whore 1 and 2 lick up the cum.  It's so nasty
                          and sexy and just what sissyfags do!  In the last shot, whore 2 kisses
                          kisses cum to whore 3. It's just a wonderful vid. It has it all!
                          Steph (Sissybra)

Sexy Tumbler Gifs

Cute Girls I Like

Some Sexy Tumbler Posters

Some Favorite Tumbler Bra Pics

Guys Who Wish They Were Girls: About to become sissy wives?

Guys Who Wish They Were Girls: About to become sissy wives?

My New Bra Collection!

                      Here is my my new bra collection I got it in yesterday.  Aren't they just
                      wonderful.  I tried on every bra and panty set and admired myself in
                      front of the mirror.  Then I prissed and pranced around the house
                      shaking my cute little ass.  Of course, I had on cock sucking red lip
                      stick I looked so wonderfully cutey pie and faggy and I was so proud.
                      I wish I had a load of cum on my face, and it would have been perfect.
                      Also, I got in two sissy girlly pairs of Charlotte Rousse shorts in black
                      and pink.They are so girly wonderful.  One of the pics is the black pair
                      and I have on the pink pair.  My sissy ass looks so good in them. I'm so
                      faggy.  Lastly, I have a pic of a cute red top I picked up with wonderful
                      straps that show your bra straps so good.  Don't you just envy girls in
                      stores who get to walk around with tops that show their bra straps. I'm
                      so jealous! It's so femmie and sissy to be able to show your straps in
                      public. I want to do it so bad.  Maybe I'll find a way or go to another
                      town and just do it. I'd love to have another sissyfag to do it with, and
                      hold hand sand kiss in public.  I'm such a queer, homo, limp wristed,
                      sissyfag.  I love it!

                   Here is a short vid of all my new bras, panties, and shorts.  My favorite
                   is the pretty black one.  I held it up over my head and prissed around
                   saying, "I love bras", "I love bras", "I'm a homo sissyfag", "I suck cock
                   and cum", "I want a facial of cum and wear it in public", and "I'm a
                   prissywissy, over the top, lispy, panty wearing, bra loving, sissyfag".

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

College Co-Ed In A Red Bra Gets Fucked

                          In this video, which is one of my all time favorites, a college co-ed
                          girl is wearing a red bra.  I don't know, there is just something
                          about that bra when she pulls her top off.  The scene is at a college
                          beer drinking party, and our nasty cunt girl is on the couch with
                          some random guy.  They are are going to strip and fuck right there
                          in front of everyone at the party.  I love the girl for doing it and
                          being a nasty bra wearing slut.  You see him fuck her as the crowd
                          yells and watches.  In the last scene,  you see her cum face.  She is
                          a cutty pie girl who i'd love to see model bras.  I'd love her to watch
                          me suck cock and wear a bra and panties.  I'd love to cum kiss with
                          her sharing a big hot load.  I love it!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Two girls in Pink Bras taking Them Off

                              Here is a short video of two hot blonde girls with pretty pink bras
                              on.  The scene opens with them facing each other on a couch in
                              their bras and lingerie. One starts by feeling the tits of the other
                              thru the bra and then pulls the cups down to reveal her tits which
                              she promptly sucks.  The bras are a pretty color pink with designs
                              on them to make them more femmie (in black).  Pink and black
                              makes a fem color combination.  Then they kiss again, the second
                              girl takes of the first girls bra by reaching around and unhooking it
                              and pulling it away and then sucks her tits.  To end the first girl
                              removes the 2nd girl's bra by unhooking it releasing her pretty tits.
                              I like this vid cause it has pretty pink bras and we get to see them
                              unhooking them. The titty sucking it nice took.  I'd love to have
                              those two bras to smell the cups and cum in them.  I'd love to
                              wear them too. I love it !

Girl in Beautiful Blue Lingerie With A Wonderful Bra

                             Here is a one of a kind video I found starring a porn star that I
                             can't remember her name right now.  The setting must be in an
                             hot country because she starts of in this awful black cover up
                             thing. I edited it to start just as she opens the top, to reveal the
                             most beautiful blue bra I have ever seen.  It has contrasting blue
                             lines on the cups between light and dark and are magnificent.
                             As the bra is spectacular in every way.  The straps, the side
                             panels and the back.  She continues to undress and reveals
                             matching bluepanties and garter belt and stockings.  She lays
                             down and rubs her pussy thru the panties and squeezes her tits
                             Then she plunges her hand into her panties and we see see her
                             rub that nasty cunt. The fact is she is wearing black glasses
                             makes it even more sexy!

Pretty Girls In Beautiful Bras

                          Here is a wonderful video I found that is a montage of women
                          wearing bras.  It starts with a passing shot by a rack of colorful
                          bras.  Then it starts the montage of different women in bras and
                          panties.  Then a shot of a woman standing at her bra drawer and
                          is throwing bras over her shoulder as if she is looking for a
                          specific bra.  It continues with some great "cuts" going from
                          bra to bra.  It's perfect!

Pretty Red Bra On Big Tit Girl

                           For todays post, I choose a short vid of a big girl wearing a
                           beautiful red bra.  It's so lovely to see big tits filling a wonderful
                           bra. The bra looks so good bouncing around with tits i them.
                           Its so pretty.  Today, I ordered a six pack of C cup bras in
                           assorted colors.  I so excited to get them, I can't wait. I'm going
                           to lay them on the bed and just admire them. Can't wait!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Girl Shows Off Bra and Dances

                    In this vid, we have a girl dressed in a sexy bra.  Her tits are hanging out
                    of it and it's so beautiful.  She shows us different poses of the bra
                    turning from side to side and is always smiling like she loves what she
                    is doing. Then she starts dancing and her tits jiggle in the bra.  It's so
                    nice. She turns with her back and side to us and we get to see the side
                    panels and i the back where it hooks.  It's so lovely and femmie so see
                    a bra shown like that.  Most guys would want her to take it off, but not
                    sissyfags I want her to wear it from now on.  I love it cause we see the
                    cups so well and, they are demi style and she fills them out nicely.
                    I love seeing the side panels, the way they stregh and tug.  It's just
                    marvelous to look at and It feels so fem and sissy, I wish I was
                    wearing it. Steph (Sissybra)                                                            

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

As Promised Nikki Hunter Squirts!

                         As promised, here are the vid clips of the squirt movie with Nikki
                         Hunter and two other sluts.  You ask what does this have to do with
                         bras? Well, nothing really except they are wearing bras and they
                         squirt all over them.  I told you i'd be brining you other nasty things.
                         I admire a woman who can squirt pissy woman cum.  I love to see it
                         shoot out, it's so nasty I'd love for a woman to squirt all over me.  In
                         this clip Nikki is on her back and the other two sluts are above her.
                         She uses a vibrator and squirts all over there faces.  Flower Tucci is
                         one of the sluts and says "I hope you drown in your own squirt" and
                         Nikki says my pussy feels so fucking good".  This is so wonderfully
                         nasty. Oh, I wish I could squirt like a girl.  It would be one more faggy
                         things I could do. Steph (Sissybra)

                         This is the second clip of the nasty squirting girls.  This time Flower
                         Tucci is above and the 3rd slut is licking Nikki's pussy.  Flower lets
                          go with a stream of girlly pissy cum out of her nasty cunt and the 3rd
                          slut turns to let it hit here on her nasty whore face.  Then, the nasty
                          squirt hits Nikki who is still on her back on the floor.  She yells, " fuck
                          yea", fuck yea".  What a nasty slutty, whorey, cunt Nikki Hunter is.  I
                          love her and if I were a woman I'd be just like her.  It's so good to be
                          nasty and I love these girls cause they do porn.  Porn is wonderful!
                          My goal is to by in a sissyfag movie and do over the top sissy, nasty,
                          and queer things with other fags and post it on X-Hamister for all to
                          see. I would feel so good and i'd be so proud to be in a porn.  I'd love
                          to see a porn clip where at the end my face is covered with cum and
                          it's dripping on my bra.  (giggles)

                          This is the 3rd clip from the nasty squirt party with Nikki and her
                          friends.  This time the 3rd slut is sitting on the couch getting her cunt
                          vibrated and Flower is above.  Nikki is holding three glass under the
                          3rd sluts nasty pussy cunt.  She lets go a stream of girlly squirt, and
                          Nikki fills the glasses with squirt juice.  Fuck Yea.  Then she gets up
                          and hands a glass to each girl and they drink it down together.  Then
                          they move in for a three way kiss sharing the nasty squirt between
                          Nikki says, "Party".  This is so nasty and so good and I love it so.
                          I just wish I was there. I'd drink it down with them. (giggles)

                         This the 4th clip of the nasty porn vid of squirting cunts. This time
                         the vibrator is on Flower's cunt and again Nikki is holding the
                         glass under her pussy cunt.  Flower delivers a nasty stream of
                         girl juice and Nikki fills the glass up again.  She then hands them
                         out and they drink it down and kiss again.  It just keeps getting
                         better and better.  (giggles)

                        This the 5th clip in the series of squirting cunts.  This is the last clip in
                        this vid and the best.  This time it's Nikki's turn to fill the glasses with
                        nasty and pissy squirt.  They vibrate her cunt and she fills the glasses.
                        Then they all sit up and mix the squirt into each others glasses as a
                        cocktail.  The 3rd slut and Nikki start kissing the squirt.  Then Flower
                        turns there heads towards her and spits a spray of the nasty cunt
                        juice all on the faces of the 3rd slut and Nikki.  Fuck Yea.  I
                        hope you enjoyed this little trip to somewhere else.  All I can
                        this is so nasty and wildly wonderful.  Again, I love these girls for
                        doing this porn. Party, Fuck Yea!!!!!

Cock Walking Fag

                    In this video a faggott finds a very unique way of exposing herself
                    in pubic even though no one sees her.  I call it "cock walking".  The
                    fag girl is on what looks like a remote road some where and has on
                    bra and panties and some kinda of shorts and heels.  She starts
                    walking toward the camera and we see something very sissy right
                    away.  Her cocky clit is hanging out of the side of the leg hole.
                    There are two versions or outfits she has on as she walks.  I the first
                    segment she is wearing a red bra, a pink scooter skirt, tan stayups,
                    and black boots with heels.  As she walks you can see her clitty
                    hanging out just peeping fro under the scooter skirt.  In the second
                    versions or outfits she has on as she walks. I the second segment
                    she is wearing aqua blue shorts and a top and as she gets closer to
                    the camera, you can see her clitty bouncing up and down.  This is
                    so faggy and I love it. Steph (Sissybra)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Two Shemales and a Girl Suck Cock

                       In this video clip we have two shemales and girl of course dressed
                       in sexy lingerie.  I picked this clip because the girl is wearing a
                       beautiful black bra and she has big tits.  The girl is sitting in the
                       middle and with a shemale on either side of her.  The shemales
                       are pretty and have cutey big clitty cocks. It starts with some back
                       forth kissing between the girl and shemales, then they start rubbing
                       and feeling those heavenly bra cups. At this point the shemale on
                       the right pulls down some on her right cup, and then reaches around
                       and unhooks the clasps and the bra starts sliding off.  The girl lets her
                       arm out of the straps and the bra is pulled away revealing two massive
                       girlly titties. I would have loved to take her bra off cause I would
                       have lick the insides of the cups were her tits had been.  The first
                       thing they do is to lick the nipples on either side.  This is so great to
                       see a bra featured and not just pulled off.  It is femmie and girlly and
                       I would love to do it.  Next, the scene shifts to some excelent cock
                       sucking i three way setups.  They prove to be great cock suckers and
                       switch and rotate with ease.  This represents the best things in a sissy
                       world which are bras, cock sucking, and cum.  It is so right and good
                       to do these things because a sissyfag loves them.

                       In our second clip, we have the cum scene.  This is almost the best
                       part but, the bra scene was very good. Here one shemale stands with
                       her clitty cock out and the girl and the other shemale are on their
                       knees (on your knees is the best place to suck cock).  She is licking
                       her balls while the other shemale sucks the cock.  This continues and
                       the standing shemale shoots her load into the mouth of the other
                       shemale. She takes the cum, starts to let it dribble out of her mouth
                       onto her chinand the girl turns her head to get some as the first
                       shemale is still rubbing cum over their faces. Then they cut to a
                       scene of a girl and shemale kissing and cum swapping.  They let
                       some cum run down on their tits and rub it in.
                       It finally ends with them smiling and kissing.  Oh, this vid has
                       Bras, big tits, shemale clitty, sucking cock, cuming in the mouth, let
                       it run on your tits, licking up cum.  It's a perfect example of what a
                       sissyfag should be into.  Its right and good to be a boy, and change
                       into a boi who is girlly, is sissy, wears girls clothes, is limp wristed,
                       taks lispy", sucks cock licks up cum, walks prissy,  and is a faggott.

Making a Cum Bra

                       As I promised, here is how to make a cum bra. You ask why?
                       There is nothing better than a bra and everyone loves cum.
                       Well, as a sissyfag I sit around dreaming up stuff to make myself
                       more sissy, nastsy, and faggy.  I have games, dares, places to go,
                       with other sissies, adult book stores. But, one thing I do is I make
                       things to be sissy. And one of my favs is a cum bra.  You need to
                       a pretty fem bra with big cups like a D, and you jack off on it,
                       cumming on the outside of the cups and on the inside of the cups.
                       Then you use you cock and your tongue to spread the cum over
                       the bra.

A SissyFag Needs Good Instructions Watch!

                                         This is one of my fav movies, I trimed out the section I love to
                                 watch.  Its a Sissy instruction vid on sucking cock, but I love
                                 looking a this girls lingerie.  She looks so good with white
                                 bra and panties.  She orders you to get an outfit just like hers
                                 and put it on and tells you to put on red lipstick.  Id love to
                                 fem out for a woman and show her I'm a sissy.  One thing I
                                 like to do is find a couple, man and woman, and go over to
                                 their house and dress the guy up and me too. Let the wife order
                                 us to suck each others cocks while she takes pics. Then he
                                 fucks her and cums in her pussy, and I go down and lick the
                                 wonderful cum out of her cunt, and get it all over my face.
                                 Then me and the man standup and face each other and rub our
                                 clitty cocks together while we kiss and he eats his own cum
                                 off my face.  Then me, the wife, and the man do a three way
                                 cum kiss.  It's so wonderfully nasty and homo. I love sucking
                                 up that cum out of a cunt.  I always try and drip some on my bra
                                 so it will dry and I can lick on it after I go home.  I'll be
                                 telling you how to make a "cum bra" soon.  Its so fun!

How To Fit A Bra Movie

                                   Every Sissy needs to go to a store and get fitted for a bra in
                                   public for everyone to see.  A Sissyfag needs to find ways
                                   to expose herself in public as a sissy especially for women
                                   to see.  My fav is to be spotted at the mall wearing a sissy
                                   outfit. I like to wear of course bra and panties, then I
                                   put on my white high rise zip up the side no pockets tight
                                   girls shorts, a pink tank top and you can see my bra straps
                                   exposed, red toe and nail polish, white open toed sandals
                                   no wig, pink lip gloss, and hooped ear rings. I go to the
                                   mall and get out of the car and then I priss, wiggling my ass
                                   as I walk to the doors.  I make my wrists limp and bent.  I
                                   go in and priss all around looking for a pack of cutey teen
                                   girls.They are the best.  When they spot me they start
                                   whispering and giggling.  They know I am a queer sissy
                                   fag. And as I go by, one of them will yell out, "faggott".
                                   I turn and look at them with limp wrist and smile and say,
                                   "thats's what I was going for".  Then I low them a kiss and
                                   shake my ass.  They usually burst out laughing. I love it!

Pretty Women In Wonderful Bras (giggles)

                                    They are so lucky to get to wear a bra all the time.  I just
                                    think bras look so good on them,  It inspires sissyfags like
                                    me to wear more bras.  I always wear a bra under my boy
                                    clothes. (giggles)  P.S. I just love the last pic of the girl 
                                    wearing the pink bra. Joust look at those little cups. She 
                                    has not tits yet, but the cups just fem her out. And the straps  
                                    are so perfectly on her shoulders. You can see the detail of 
                                    them with the adjusts visible.  It's just so fem!

Bra Shopping

                  My favorite thing to do, Bra shopping.  Arn't they just beautiful, femmie 
                  and girly. Sissy bois should always have on a bra, Its so right for a sissy 
                  fag to wear a bra.  It makes her so femmie and gives her that girlly 
                  feeling that we adore.

My Sister's First Bra

When I was growing up, I was very close to my mother and my sister.  My Dad had skipped out on us when I was two.  I really don't remember him at all, and to this day I don't ever want to see him again.  It was only naturally that I did "girlly" things instead of playing ball with the boys.  I didn't have an interest in things normal boys did.  I played with dolls, I sang little girlly songs when I played,  I skipped rope, and Mom let me we a cute little apron when I helped in the kitchen.  And, in fact I squatted on the toliet just like a girl when I peed.  I really didn't want any guy friends because I was comfortable with the way thing were. Well, without saying, I was the target from the boys in the neighborhood.  I was a small, skinney boy and Mom dressed me in cute girlly shorts and matching tops.  Lots of pinks, reds, and whites.  The boys called me names like, "sissy" and "panty waist".  I would just smile and walk away, but deep down I kinda really liked it. I had a happy life in my innocent, but things were about to change.
When I was eleven and my sister Jennifer was twelve Mom decided it was time for her first bra.  It was all the talk at the dinner table that night.  As I started to listen to their conversation, I started to feel jealous.  Now I know I'm not suppose to wear a bra, but I was feeling left out.  It was something that Mom and Jennifer were going to do with out me.  You see I was not invited to go to the store with them, it was girls only.  So, the next day Mom and Jennifer left to go shopping leaving me at home by myself.  I just went into the living room and sat there and "pouted".  It seem like an eternity had passed and finally I head a car door slam.  They were finally home!  The next thing that happened was very unexpected and became a turning point in my life.
I heard the door open and I could hear Jennier and Mom in the next room. The next thing that happened was completely unexpected and changed my life forever.  Jennifer came running into the room, and and pulled up her top, and exclaimed, "Isn't it just wonderful and beautiful, I just love my new bra".  Now, I had seen bras before, like in the bathroom Mom would leave her bras laying around, or in the laundry room I would see all her undies for the wash.  I just really had not taken that much notice before.  Also, In situations where I  was upset, I usually started crying and just ran away.  But, this time was different.  I just stared transfixed at that white training bra.  In an instant, I could see the wonderful shiny, silky fabric and the little mounds on her chest,  "It just look so Good"!  After a long second, I manage to say "It looks great".  Then I just ran away to my room and fell on the bed.  As I lay there, my thoughts drifted back to the image of the bra.  It seems it had cast a magic spell on me, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I began plotting how I was going to get into Jennifer's room  to touch the object of my new desire.  Finally, two days later, I got my chance. Mom and Jennifer were driving her friend Amy to go swimming.  Jennifer was wearing her swimsuit when they left. That means the bra must be in her room.  As Mom's car backed out of the driveway, I rushed into Jennifer's room and started looking for "my prize".  Then I saw it.  There it lay in all it's alluring beauty laying on Jennifer's bed.
First Bra
 My hand nervously scooped it up and I instantly brought it up to my face.  I could immediately feel it's wonderful luxury.  It was a feeling that I had never had before.  I felt all tingley all over.  I examined the bra even more and looked at and felt the cups, the straps, and the way it hooked in the back.  All I new that I adored it for some reason. Then I had a quick thought.  Should I dare too.  I wanted to put it on! I stood there for a minute more and the I dropped the bra back on the bed and I started pulling my shirt off.  It was a pull over tee, and as it came over my head, my eyes locked back on the bra.  Again, I gently picked it up and pulled to my chest.  I then turned to her dresser mirror, and watch myself putting it on.  My arms went thru the straps, and I tried to reach around and hook it.  But, I couldn't quite do it.  So, I rotated it around front, and hook the clasps, and rotated it to the back, putting my arms back into the straps.  I peered into the mirror and there I stood wearing a wonderful beautiful bra.  I had an even more intense feeling that I loved.  I felt like I had finally found that being girlly was what I needed.  Yes, I liked feeling girly! That day I vowed to myself that I would have a bra of my own.  But, the strangest thing of allwas that my little boy cock was hard as a rock. This locked my love for bras for the rest of my life. It became the basis of being a sissy and transformed me forever.  I love and adore wonderful femmie bras!